September 26 - Team of the Week

2006 Boys Estudiantes Red














Coach: Paul D’Andrea (game-day substitute coach, Andres Miloc)
:  2006B Estudiantes Red

League: EDP

Names of those that played:   Melvin Lopez, Alex Romero, Joel Kishore, Finley Patterson, Alex Loadholtz, Sean Kimutai, Abdul Ahmed, Alex Martinez, Anthony Issa, Bereket Tewolde, Haseeb Ahmed, Jahird Ayala-Ponce,  Stephen Wolohan, Joshua Baires, Pran Poudel, Fernando Umpierre-Jimenez. Regular players who could not play on Saturday owing to injury or other legitimate reasons: Brody Bryan, Ethan Rongero, Cole Casey, Jerry Dunn, Lucas Masefield, Pedro Vidal-Vasquez

Results of past weekend:
 President’s Cup 1-0 win over Charlottesville

Highlights of the weekend:
A glorious victory over a ferocious and formidable foe

Personal Quote about team/weekend:
 "The game was a joy to watch—a tense tug-o-war ‘tween two teams intriguingly tactically antithetical.  Whoever could impose their style on the game would win: both teams enjoyed the upper hand at various times and the game was on a razor’s edge until the last few minutes when, finally, Charlottesville’s skillful switching of the point of attack & lethally aimed long-range bombardments were vanquished by Herndonian pass-and-move, give-it-and-get-it, quick-touch adroitly agile soccer."

  Melvin Lopez, Pran Poudel, Fernando Umpierre-Jimenez

Top Scorer (s):
   Abdul Ahmed (with an artful assist combination from Alex Martinez & Sean Kimutai)

Hardest Working Player(s):
 Joel Kishore, Joshua Baires, Pran Poudel, Alex Loadholtz, Jahird Ayala-Ponce

Most Improved Player(s):
  Alex Loadholtz, Alex Martinez, Finley Patterson

Areas to improve:
 Tactical communication using our “NYC cab driver voice”; disciplined employment of “Sparta”; wily use of “blue” & “green” spaces;  crafty switches to “Columbus”; defending crosses & corners