Player of the Week - September 26

Chloe Workman


Team: 2007 Girls Alianza black
League: ECNL RL 
Coach: Abdi Yusuf
Position: Winger 

Reason for Winning Player of the Week: "Chloe’s been an absolute force this season. Her great play, coupled with her intensity and fitness level, allows her to make the defenders' lives miserable. She’s been crucial in our games and scored against the U17 Valor Gold this past weekend (as our team plays up an age group). With her great mentality on the field and humility off the field, she’s been a pleasure to coach. She’s continued to improve everyday and I'm so very proud of her development. Wishing her more good years!"

How long have you been playing soccer?: 9 years

What were your first soccer experiences?: Playing rec soccer.

Who is your favorite team?: Washington Spirit

Who is your favorite player?: Sophia Smith

What are you long-term goals as a soccer player?: I’d love to play soccer in college.

Do you have any siblings that play soccer? What are their names and ages?: I have a 19-year-old brother named Jacob who hates soccer.

What is your favorite part of the game?: When the whole team works together to make great plays.

What is your most memorable moment in soccer?: My first practice after switching clubs to Herndon where I met my fun, supportive teammates and a great coach.

What school do you go to?: Westfield High School

What is your favorite subject in school?: Math

What is your favorite restaurant?: Chick-Fil-A

What is your favorite place to visit?: Naples, Florida

Do you play other sports do you play?  What?: I also do cross country and swim.