Parents' Role


There are a few general guidelines for parents to consider when meeting with a coach in person. The coach is visiting the student-athlete to get to know them and gauge if they would be a positive addition to the team. This means parents need to take a step back. Let the athlete answer the coach’s questions and avoid speaking over your child. In other words, make sure that the athlete is in the limelight.

When the conversation shifts to financials and housing, this is a good time for parents to jump into the conversation. Coaches expect that the parents will know more about the family’s financial situation. The most important thing to remember is the college coach is recruiting the student-athlete, not the parents. However, the coach is still evaluating the parents, watching to see if they dominate the conversation at every turn to speak for their student or if they allow their student to think for themselves and act more independently.

  • TIP: If parents have a lot questions for the coach, discuss them with your student-athlete before the visit. Put together a list of questions for your student to ask the coach. The coach will appreciate that the student-athlete thought ahead, and the parents will get the answers they need.

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