Player of the Week - September 19

Steven Villanueva


TEAM: 2008 Ajax Black
COACH: Guillermo Tolaba
POSITION: Attacking Midfielder


REASON FOR WINNING PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Steven has battled a few injuries in the early weeks of the season. He has dedicated himself to stay in shape and continue improving his box-to-box play. Steven has been consistent on his development and the cherry on top is his sniper shot from 25 yards to help Ajax’s 2-1 win over Loudoun this past weekend.

How long have you been playing soccer?: I have been playing for seven years.

What were your first soccer experiences?: Playing and having fun.

Who is your favorite team?:

Who is your favorite player?: 
Andres Iniesta

What are you long-term goals as a soccer player?: To get better and play in college.

Do you have any siblings that play soccer?:  What are their names and ages? Yes, his name is Ian Villanueva and he is 9 years old.

What is your favorite part of the game?:
Scoring goals and winning games.

What is your most memorable moment in soccer?: Winning State Cup with my team.

What school do you go to?: Parkview High School

What is your favorite subject in school?: World Geography

What is your favorite restaurant?: Chipotle

What is your favorite place to visit?: Florida

Do you play other sports do you play?  What?: I only play soccer.