October 3 - Team of the Week

2008 Girls FC Black











: Jane Dawber
:  2008 Girls FC Black

Names of those that played:  Natalie, Abby, Addy, Frannie, Ella K, Ella R, Lauren, Safi, Vanessa, Harena, Ava, Lila, Anja, Lily, Riley

Results of past weekend:  1-0 Win

Highlights of the weekend: We have shown strong resilience staring the season as a new team. After some very close results, the team beat Vienna this weekend in a rainy showdown at Herndon HS.

Personal Quote about team/weekend:  I am really proud of the girls and their commitment to develop as a new team. They have amazing character and I look forward to seeing how far this team can go. We have played some very tight games against teams who have been playing together for years. We have the talent on the team and with a little bit of time, we will be bringing home more W’s.

Playmaker(s): Abby

Top Scorer (s): Safi, Frannie

Hardest Working Player(s):  All of them

Most Improved Player(s):  Harena and Lila

Areas to improve:  Continue to focus on building through the thirds and finalization in front of goal.

Nicholas Mansilla

Nicholas Mansilla