October 23 - Teams of the Week

2008 Boys Ajax Red and 2013 Girls FC Black
















Coach:  Suli Dainkeh
Team:  2008 Ajax Red

League: South Atlantic Conference EDP


Names of those that played:   All 18 players on the roster played and put in a good shift

Results of past weekend: 4-0 President cup Quarterfinals Win.


Highlights of the weekend:  The boys played a complete game, with great intensity and with great ball retention.


Personal Quote about team/weekend:  Defend as a team and when we win possession, we are looking for the first pass forward.


Playmaker(s): Mason Medford and Luwal Elshoush


Hardest Working Player(s): Luwal Elshoush


Most Improved Player(s): Xavier Cruz, Sidharth Chukka


Areas to Improve:  Attacking third and creating overloads in the final Third.



Coach: Jane Dawber

Team: 2013 Girls Black



Names of those that played: Allison, Dana, DJ, Harlyn, Izzy, Karen, Chloe, Lydia, Sadie, Salma


Results of past weekend: 8-0 Victory


Highlights of the weekend: Possessing the ball all over the pitch, including building out of the back, and using the keeper multiple times in their passing sequences.


Personal Quote about team/weekend:  “It was a pleasure to see the girls work hard, have fun and play the game the right way. Coach Jane has taught the girls extremely well.  Every player is able to pass and move off the ball, and on defense they work hard and are organized. I also love how they cheer each other on and are very supportive teammates.” – Coach Chris Gatz, coaching in place of Jane for the game.


Playmakers: Allison, Sadie


Top Scorers: Karen, Salma (2 goals each)

Hardest Working Players: Harlyn, Lydia


Most Improved Players: Izzy


Areas to improve: Putting crosses into dangerous positions in the 18 yard box to create even more scoring chances.

Players of the Week

Arianna Gutierrez

Arianna Gutierrez

Darren Sun

Darren Sun