Player of the Week - October 17

Edvin Orellana


Team: 2012 Boys Herndon Racing Black
League: ECNL RL
Coach: Suli Dainkeh
Position: Striker and Midfielder


How long have you been playing soccer?: 5 years

What were your first soccer experiences?: Playing rec soccer

Who is your favorite team?: Real Madrid

Who is your favorite player?: Vinicius Jr

What are you long-term goals as a soccer player?:  I want to be a professional soccer player

Do you have any siblings that play soccer? What are their names and ages?: I have a 13-year-old sister named Angely

What is your favorite part of the game?: When the whole team works together to win

What is your most memorable moment in soccer?: When I won my first medal playing in the All-Star Tournament

What school do you go to?: Hutchison Elementary School

What is your favorite subject in school?: Math

What is your favorite restaurant?: IHOP

What is your favorite place to visit?: Florida

Do you play other sports do you play?  What?: I play football sometimes