October 10 - Team of the Week

2009 Boys Atletico Red













: Paul D’Andrea
:  2009 Boys Atletico Red

Names of those that played:  Angelo Gutierrez, Everett Grider, Hayes Medairy, Jah Elshoush, Lucas Black, Luwal Elshoush, Matthew Wolohan, Max Tom, Max Fitzmorris, Nicolas Muller, Omar Gurdov, Rayhan Adil, Zidaan Saldana, Joseph Ramos Roldan   (Those teammates who couldn’t, owing to good reasons, make the trip down to Tidewater: Biko Lofty, Dariel Alvarenga, Mateo Baez, Nahum Michael, Paul Barkan, Sebastian Guevara)

Results of past weekend:  Tournament champions! Went 4 - 0 in the Beach FC Columbus Day Tournament

Highlights of the weekend: Beating local juggernaut and doughty foe, Beach FC, 2-0 in a hard fought championship game.

Personal Quote about team/weekend:  "It was that day that the Gipper had foretold, our team was up against it and the breaks were beating the boys; we’d endured a grim slog of defeats in the EDP and the other team had just scored a demoralizing goal 3 seconds before halftime giving them wings heading into the second half. It was the first game of the tournament and the boys had to make one heckuva stand here and now or it would be a long, bitter weekend far, far from home on the barren littoral of the still hurricane-churned Atlantic.  The boys exploded into that second half with gravel in their gut and spit in their eye and a fire burning in their heart to do right by that Herndon crest sitting proud on their chests…and they never looked back."

Playmaker(s): Angelo Gutierrez, Jah Elshoush, Nicolas Muller, Omar Gurdov, Rayhan Adil, Everett Grider, Zidaan Saldana

Top Scorer (s): Joseph Ramos Roldan, Luwal Elshoush, Angelo Gutierrez

Hardest Working Player(s):  Jah Elshoush, Angelo Gutierrez, Lucas Black, Omar Gurdov, Max Fitzmorris, Hayes Medairy

Most Improved Player(s):  Joseph Ramos Roldan, Max Tom, Nicolas Muller, Matthew Wolohan


Matias Santiago

Matias Santiago